Royal Hideaway Corales Resort, the Experience Design Hotel, offers surprises with original and varied gastronomic experiences. These proposals offer guests a chance to enjoy unique experiences at the hotel or on the island, which connect with the local essence:

Imagine a private show cooking session or a cocktail workshop with our bartenders in your room. Or, take the same route on the island as the renowned Michelin chefs who participated in our Inspirational Chef Program.


Culinary Sessions

The Palmeros chefs *José Alberto Díaz* (1 Repsol sun) and *Pedro Hernández* light the stoves of the kitchen of the Starfish restaurant along with *Samuel Álvarez* to celebrate two very special events that will contribute to the recovery of the island of La Palma.

The Canarian and market cuisine define the menu of the first dinner, while the second will focus on organic products. Two very special menus in an event that will allocate half of the profits to the victims of the volcano on La Palma.


Culinary Sessions

In this second edition visits our restaurant Il Bocconcino-Progressive the Italian chef Francesco Sodano, trained in prestigious kitchens such as Il Pagliaccio (2*Michelin) or Oliver Glowig (2* Michelin) , among others.


Since March 2019 he is the Executive Chef of Il Faro di Capo d'Orso currently holding a Michelin star on the Amalfi coast. Sodano defends a modern version of Mediterranean cuisine that has multiple points in common with that defended by Niki Pavanelli at Il Bocconcino. Both proposals start from the roots of traditional Italian cuisine to which they apply different influences received during their culinary careers.


Il Bocconcino hosts on December 11 and 12 two unique dinners developing a menu between Francesco Sodano and chefs Niki Pavanelli and Riccardo della Bella accompanied by their respective teams. Two gastronomic days around the flavors and elaborations of Italian cuisine from an innovative and contemporary point of view.


Culinary Sessions

In this first chapter of the Corales Culinary Sessions in July 2021, chef David Arauz, a specialist in Japanese cuisine and one of the leading exponents in this field at a national and international level, visited our San Hô restaurant. Arauz, whose career in Japanese cuisine has been forged in leading restaurants in this specialty; Suntory, Kabuki, Kazán and finally his 99 KŌ Sushi Bar in Madrid with which he achieved a Michelin star, will share a menu and kitchen with Adrián Bosch and the entire San Hô team.

Two unique dinners took place where diners could enjoy a special menu developed by both chefs.



For a few hours, our chefs will swap their kitchens for your room.

The suites become a spectacular private show cooking session where you can immerse yourself in the gastronomy of the Canary Islands with the help of the hotel’s chefs. Participate, cook alongside them, learn their culinary techniques and above all enjoy the bespoke menu designed just for you!

Our sommelier will recommend a selection of wines to match the experience.


In-Suite Cocktails

Experience an extraordinary day through a personalised cocktail workshop in your room for small groups.

A unique experience that encourages you to use your senses to go on a trip through the art of the cocktail. In-Suite Cocktails allows you to enjoy the elegance of a cocktail bar in your own suite with our bartenders as masters of ceremonies.

With an environment mirroring the clandestine bars of the 1920s, with music and decorations from that golden period of cocktail discovery, we will transform your room into an elegant “Speakeasy” where our exclusive guests will feel that they have travelled back in time an entire century.

It’s an unforgettable experience featuring tastings, explanations and personalised mixtures.


Corales Breakfast Floating Collection

A breakfast where locally sourced produce takes centre stage. Join us on this voyage through the flavours and textures of the Canary Islands’ unique and most authentic ingredients. Products specially selected by our kitchen t e am, and then used to create unforgettable succulent morsels to give you a genuine taste of the finest cuisine our Islands can offer.


To complement each theme, we add a specially selected playlist — and even a set of props which includes a ukelele, a traditional Canarian five-stringed timple, bongos or maracas, to make every moment of the Corales Breakfast Collection even more authentic.


Feel like a Michelin star chef

Explore the island of Tenerife and get to know the independent craftsmen and harvesters of local produce, just like the Michelin star chefs do through our Inspirational Chef Program.

In this experience, which up until now has only been available to chefs participating in our “Inspirational Chef Program” sessions, we lead you on a journey to discover some of the most surprising suppliers, craftsmen and local crops on the island.

The full-day tour will immerse us in organic agriculture. We will discover beautiful corners like “La Calabacera Organic Ranch”, where we will see how cheese and artisanal butter are made in the “Montesdeoca” cheese factory. We will finish off with a visit and tasting at the “Altos de Trevejos” winery, a charming vineyard located at 1,200 metres.


Weekly, free of charge, we offer our guests a varied programme of tastings, workshops and gastronomy-related activities.


Use all five senses to discover the unique features of the Canary Islands, including wines, beers, cheeses and other products.


Our team of professionals designed these programmes for attendees to actively participate.


We offer our guests the possibility of creating delicious and refreshing cocktails alongside the hotel’s bartender.


At our workshops, you will learn techniques and tricks straight from the professionals, resulting in exquisite cocktails.


This fun experience will put your skills to the test, as you design both classic cocktails and the most original combinations you’ve seen.


Please contact the Front Desk to reconfirm the availability of this experience.