Maresía Atlantic Bar

Perhaps the best terrace on the island. At Royal Hideaway Corales Beach, with the best panoramic views of the Atlantic and La Gomera and next to our infinity pool, you will find Maresía Atlantic Bar (16+).


An outdoor space at the Royal Hideaway Corales Beach where you can enjoy the swimming pool from morning to night, without interruptions. A fresh and informal cocktail bar that pairs perfectly with the snack menu available.

The ‘adults only’ environment adds a peaceful and relaxing touch to your experience in an exclusive setting.


Located in Royal Hideaway Corales Suites, next to the main pool with the sea as a horizon. Every time is a good time to visit this terrace.

What do we offer? Enjoy a fresh and varied drink menu for any moment.


A delicious choice to taste as a family. Located on a terrace at the Royal Hideaway Corales Suites with one of the best views in the hotel. Enjoy creamy artisan gelato, pancakes, lollipops, etc., that will delight both adults and children.

Evolutionary Cocktails

A project with the same philosophy as the Inspirational Chef Program, but focused on the world of cocktails. Under this premise, we find Evolutionary Cocktails. In this programme, prestigious bartenders visit us in a creative getaway dedicated to developing new techniques and concepts applied to mixology. Of course, they must use the marvellous raw ingredients offered by an island like Tenerife as much as possible.

These fantastic guest bartending sessions transform our bars into places where you can enjoy the preparation, presentation, decoration and structure of the cocktail. These factors are vitally important, as the synergies between these elements shape our perception toward one flavour or another.